YWT Projects 2017 (PDF Download)


Yoga for Wellness Tanzania (YWT) was established in 2015 with the mission to introduce through training and education (teacher training programs), the awareness of the benefits to be derived from the practice of holistic care, yoga principles and methods in terms of well-being and healthy living thus impacting not only our students or participants, but also their communities, and our society.


Yoga for Wellness Tanzania wants the larger Tanzanian populace to be well informed of the benefits of yoga and alternative care, emphasis on well-being, education and health care.


Yoga for Wellness Tanzania’s mission is to introduce through training and development (teacher training) to the larger Tanzanian populace awareness of the benefits to be derived from the practice of holistic care, yoga principles and methods in terns of well being and healthy living.


Deliver skilled training & education

By offering regular teacher training courses, seminars and workshops from people around the world within Tanzania who can provide knowledge and skills to Tanzanians in the filed of Yoga.  The first teachers’ training took place 1st May – 15th June 2016 with 7 Tanzanian trainees completing the course.

Create Internship &- employment

YWT offers all graduates internship opportunities and thereafter employment options. The trainees currently provide services in the Ocean Road Cancer Institute, 4 Sober Homes in Bagamoyo and Kigamboni, Women’s Yoga Upanga, Yoga at the National Museum, Muhimbili Pediatrics Oncology, London Health Clinic, Yoga at the Temple in Town, Upanga and Town Jamat Khane (Mosque). Participation in the cancer walk on 1st October 2016.

Movement for Fitness, September and October session, International Day of Coastal cleanup together with Nipe Fagio, teaching at Jamat Khane

Spread knowledge

Frequent training programs helps spread the knowledge of healthy living through yoga and helps creates more employment opportunities.


Yoga for Wellness Tanzania ongoing training and development programmes have been developed to ensure we have readily available members, workshops and sessions that make a true impact through connection, empathy and understanding with people.

Graduates from our Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTCs) are now spreading the knowledge and love of yoga. They are providing information to communities on wellbeing through yoga, health benefits and saving in medical costs.


  • Two graduates now teach women in recovery with Fistula and they are focusing on helping women within their communities who are underprivileged.
  • YWT teacher training graduates were a part of the second International Day of Yoga in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania with over 3000 people.
  • YWT teacher training graduates have received employment in the field of well being. Both are working within their communities to develop awareness of well-being and healthy living through yoga.
  • YWT has introduced and spread wellbeing through holistic care and yoga to over 1000 people within Tanzania.

YWT Projects

  • Mabinti Center
  • Wonder Workshop
  • Ocean Road Cancer Institute
  • We Are TLM – Caring for children with cancer in Tanzania
  • Sober Homes – South Beach and Bagamoyo
  • Latham School – Bahari Beach
  • Jubilee towers – Assiste d living facility for the elderly
  • Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) – Pediatrics Department

Community Centre Yoga

  • Shia lsmali Mosque (Jamat Khane)
  • Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha Temple
  • Women Yoga at Bohra Community Hall
  • National Museum – Youth Yoga and regular workshops
  • London Health Centre – Yoga session open for all


Mabinti Center

The Mabinti Centre Cmabinti’ = ‘girls’ in Swahili) trains young women recovering from fistula surgery in screen-printing, sewing, beading and crochet. During a 12 month course the trainees develop the knowledge and skills they need to establish an income and become financially independent. Yoga for Wellness Tanzania develops the girls skills further by giving them training in Yoga that is internationally accredited and establishing another platform to become financially secure and independent. The skills also enable the girls to understand the need for healthy living and wellbeing. This knowledge gives them a healthier lifestyle which is transferred to their families and children.

Wonder Workshop

Wonder Workshop employs 30 women and men living with a disability. They use waste materials to create recycled art, sun-dried paper, wooden toys, soaps and glassware. Yoga for Wellness Tanzania gives weekly weekly yoga sessions for the employees at Wonder Workshop. The sessions are mainly geared to enhancing fine motor and gross motor skills while keeping the physical challenges in mind. They also provide them with breathing techniques and meditation for relaxation and connection to the mind, body, and spirit.

Ocean Road Cancer Institute

A government entity and has, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare developed National Cancer Control Strategy (NCCS). The National Cancer Control Strategy (NCCS) is a roadmap toward the development and implementation of a comprehensive and coordinated national response to cancer in Tanzania.

Introducing Life and Hope Rehabilitation Centre

(Sober House – South Beach and Bagamoyo)

An interim step on the path to sobriety where Tanzanians recovering from addiction(s) can live in a supervised and sober environment with structure and rules, i.e. mandatory curfews, chores and therapeutic meetings.

Jubilee Towers

A senior citizen home for people within an Islamic community. Jubilee Towers is a facility that provides basic medical assistance, nurse care and balanced meals to the 52 elderly that are unable to stay with family.

Yoga for Wellness Tanzania provide weekly yoga session to improve quality of life, strengthen bones/joints, enhance relaxation for better sleep and promote wellbeing.

Tumiani La Maisha (TLM)

An NGO with the vision and mission to care for every child with cancer in Tanzania. Having a ward at the Muhimbili pediatric department.

Latham School – Bahari Beach

Located in Bahari Beach, Dar es Salaam has recently opened and has created a welcoming, supportive and nurturing environment that helps children integrate and encourages them to take risks and grow. Their philosophy is to provide children with an all rounded environment while empowering students and teachers with yoga-inspired training to promote a lifetime wellness.

Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI)

An Autonomous institute established under ACT. No 7 of 1996 with the main objective of providing primary, secondary and Tertiary care of Preventive and curative health services in the field of Orthopaedics, Traumatology and Neurosurgery, as well as being role model for efficient hospital management in Tanzania. Weekly Yoga sessions for the children and care givers at Muhimbili Orthopaedic Institute (MOI) – Pediatrics Department are given. Yoga for Wellness Tanzania sessions have been developed to empower children and care givers through various yoga postures, storytelling and breathing techniques for the betterment of the repertory and digestive systems as well as by meditation for relaxation, focus and self-strength.