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Jill’s vinyasa flow is an active class that includes asanas (physical poses), pranayama (breath work), and meditation. Students are guided on proper alignment in the asanas to build strength and balance while being encourage to turn their attention inward as they move through the poses. The class is challenging yet attune to students’ needs and is always accompanied by a creative playlist. Open to all levels and abilities.

Cristin Marona


Cristin Marona is a fellow Dar yogi who focuses in Vinyasa Flow. Trained at Core Power in California, she centers on heated Vinyasa but has studied Ashtanga in Mysore and interested in various styles of yoga. Cristin is a development specialist and passionate about community outreach

Arif Salehmohamed

Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Sivananda Yoga was what Swami Sivanandaji used as part of his daily sadhana (spiritual routine) along with bhakti yoga (devotional), Karma (selfless service) and jnana yoga (study of scriptures). Swami Sivananda was an enlightened being. The five principles he followed were: Proper Exercise, Proper diet, Proper breathing, Proper relaxation and Positive thinking and mediation. The class consists of 12 basic postures (asanas) and these work directly with the endocrine system removing any emotional/ physical/ psychic blockages along the chakras. The class also involves basic pranayama and proper relaxation. There are no prerequisites for joining the class, just come as you are regardless of whether you have practiced yoga before or not.

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Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Leila is a Lebanon-based kids yoga instructor, trained in Groovy Kids Yoga. This practice empowers children through a fun movement and breath-based yoga class. She is currently undergoing her 200HR teacher training in the classical Sivananda lineage. Leila has a background in Psychology and Special Education, which serve her as an advantage in her yoga classes


Instructor - Kanga Yoga

My classes focus on alignment and include breathing , stretch , sun salutations , flows and focus asanas . Through my classes I try to promote the balancing of the chakras and encourage all levels of yogis to explore their bodies and minds in the safe environment created on your mat .



Kenneth a Yogalates instructor. Trained in Hatha Yoga, Kanga Yoga (combination of Ashtanga, Iynger and Sivanada Yoga) and Pilates, Kenneth combines stability and core strength with breath awareness. His sessions are geared to finding the balance between physical strength, mental clarity and contentment.



Was an Ananda Marga missionary for 21 years and has been teaching Tantra yoga and meditation technique since then. He has been in Asia, Europe and African continent with a mission to help and initiate community development projects and disaster relief activities in the continents. He has been in Africa since 1996 and now residing in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Over the years he has been teaching tantra yoga meditation, asanas in a style hatha, vinyasa power yoga and yin yoga. In his concept of power yoga he believes that flexibility is not required and it is only acquired through sincere commitment to the practice. Each individual has weakness and strength and in order to benefit the practice the individual has to challenge himself progressively accepting challenge and minimizing the risk of injury to realise your intention on the practice. Through proper breathing  technique alignment and adjustment on the pose one should achieved its goal towards the realm of yoga practice.



After finishing her Physical education and Tourism degree, Luna started travelling and got introduced to yoga. Many yoga styles crossed her path, taught by inspiring teachers who changed her practice and her way of living. That’s how she became passionate about yoga and the health of body and mind. It has been in times of injuries and life changing difficulties when yoga became her lifestyle. This is helping her maintain her positive mindset and changed the way how she uses and looks at the human body today.

She decided to go to India, to the roots of yoga, where she became a certified Yoga Alliance teacher in Hatha. Afterwards she studied Sivananda, Yin, Vinyasa & power, and Yoga Nidra. Her teachers, who she honours for this journey, made her ready to inspire people and to spread the understanding of yoga. She now shares her passion, experience and knowledge all over the world, by raising awareness of how to use the body in harmony with a happy and positive mind. In class she works on strength and flexibility, alignments, posture, breathing, relaxation of mind and body, and more. The intention is to achieve good mentally, physically and spiritually health while connecting with ourselves.

Beside offering a wide variety of yoga styles, she teaches yoga- philosophy, mindfulness, works as a life coach, breathing instructor, and as a meditation guide where she uses different techniques for all kind of different situations, and for everyone available.

She is known for her kind, patient, yet strong and unique teachings where she shares a deep understanding of the content taught. She wants everyone to feel, observe, and experience yoga themselves, and will adjust and guide in a clear way.

All levels are welcome, as she will challenge every single person. It’s not only in class that she wants to help people grow but she’s always willing to figure out any questions that you may have off the mat. She loves teaching, as all her students are her teachers too. Thanks to all of this, she became this happy passionate yogi who loves life and strongly believes that everything is possible.



Lucile is from a small Island in the Indian Ocean, called Reunion. Lucile practiced Yoga for many years and felt a profound connection to the Vinyasa Flow style which opened her body, heart and mind.  She originally trained to become a teacher in order to deepen her own practice, but found teaching wonderfully fulfilling. Her love and passion now comes from a desire to learn from everyone and share all the aspects of her practice that have helped her. Her sequences are inspired from Ashtanga and Jivamukti and teachers from around the world. In flowing the breath and the body together, she hopes to encourage her students to a mindful practice, cultivating inner peace and self-love.

Vinyasa Classes involve a flow through a sequence of postures synchronised with the breath.Yogis attending a class can expect:

  • An environment that is both relaxed and relaxing
  • A dynamic and physical practice with modifications offered to accommodate different levels
  • An emphasis on mindfulness, linking breath and movement to steady the mind and achieve a stronger, happier body.

Laura Meloney


Laura has been practicing yoga since 2000 and teaching since 2010.  She melds styles of Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa yoga to help students focus alignment of ujjayi (breath) and asana (postures) to warm, stretch, and tone their bodies.  She offers a dynamic combination of sequences and poses and welcomes all students – from beginner to advanced. Her classes are energetic, calming and powerful and her ability to connect the physical movements and steady cycle of inhales and exhales enable students to truly connect with their bodies. Come join her and immerse yourself into a full experience.



Leah is a graduate of Flow Teacher Training in Washington DC. She believes yoga helps cultivate spiritual awareness. She uses pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and asana (poses) to help steady the mind. Leah teaches a vinyasa class inviting students of all levels. She incorporates challenging poses while working to keep the mind at ease. Once you are able to steady your mind on the mat, she believes this will translate to daily life, in challenging situations off the mat.

Malik Alani


Yoga Instructor course started in November 2016 and has been continued till today. I fill it will continue forever. It looks that I don’t want to leave practicing yoga. We have done the theoretical part of Yoga, now we are in the field of teaching doing the rest of 100 hours of field work of teaching yoga. It is a wonderful experience of teaching to different cultural people and at different places like Wonder workshop, Muhimbili Ujasili Hospital, Muhimbili oncology department, so on so forth, not only in your own community but outside your community, touching the heart and giving life to all sorts of people across Tanzania. I love yoga It’s my passion to practice and to teach yoga It has innumerable benefits It connect you to the Soul and reality February 2017 received a letter qualifying the yoga instruction certificate from Yoga for wellness Tanzania, by Trainer Miss Emma “Kanga Yoga Teacher training” Kanga Yoga Teachers training and Sivananda style as one is Tajas and other is Tapas Upanga Jamat Ismaili community- Kanga Yoga Style Darkhana Jamat Ismaili Community- Sivananda Style Wonder workshop – Sivananda style, few weeks Kilimanjaro hotel- Kanga yoga style

Anja Björkman


Anja fell for yoga in 2007, when she lived with an Indian host family in Boston. With a background in gymnastics, she discovered yoga has much more to offer, than practice towards physical achievements. In 2010 she first started instructing yoga sessions in Australia. Over the following years she went to Dominican Republic for Hatha training, to India for her teacher certification and to Spain, starting her Barcelona Yoga Mafia community.

Anja’s classes aim to bring you a sensation of well-being and connect with your higher self. With pranayama and asana, as well as mindfulness and meditation practice, you’ll work on physical strength and flexibility, positive mindset and spiritual consciousness. Find balance and a healthy perspectives to reduce stress and negative focus from your everyday life.





Cristin Marona